What's Screebits?

Screebits offers its users a user friendly environment to be able to develop and automate their trading strategies in the cryptocurrency market




Discover our services

Our services

More features will be added

Trade Panel

Place your trades manually and start earning

Editor Bot

Think of a strategy and automate it with our editor


Look at how your strategy works on the market without losing money


Improve your strategy with our optimizer

Montecarlo Simulation

Try the Montecarlo simulation and discover the best inputs for your strategy

Multi Account

Place an order and it will be placed on every account you have connected

Account Statistics

Keep an eye on your statistics. How many trades are in profit?


Sell your strategy to other users or buy one from others

Paper Trading

Place your trades without worrying about loss or win


Code your strategy using the most used programming languages

Easy to use editor

Can’t you code? Don’t worry, use our simplify editor

API Key broker

We support a large amount of broker and we constantly add more

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